Better safe than sorry. Set up your company policies and culture correctly now. Don’t wait to fight a wildfire

until it’s too late.



Startups, especially in the tech industry, often struggle with a high turnover of female employees. This lowers their profit due to the decrease in their innovation potential and additional costs related to resignations and new hires. 

The younger generation of employees is especially good at recognizing gender bias and inequalities at the workplace and is statistically more likely to take them into account when considering whether to stay or to go.

Gender bias can quickly seep into a company’s culture as early as the company’s formation and can be damaging in the long-term. If unaddressed, this could possibly last for the entire life-cycle of the company itself.

This is best prevented by setting up an unbiased, universally respectful, and inclusive environment from the get-go.

Based on your specific field of business, we can help you inquire into your own hiring policies, promotion practices, remuneration principles, workplace communication guidelines, and legal obligations in your country of operations related to equal treatment.

We design tailor-made, scalable recommendations for improvement and advancement. We will assist with implementation and can perform follow-ups on a schedule that fits your needs.


Are you facing a specific situation?

  • Underrepresentation of women in managerial positions.

  • Insufficient work-life balance measures.

  • Unfair remuneration policies.

  • Gender pay gap.

  • Sexual harassment.

  • Insufficient awareness of national and international legal obligations regarding equal treatment.


We can look into these and find a comprehensive set of solutions with you. Contact us.